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The Fisgard Association

Other Photos - Workshops Test Pieces


Donald Baker's Workshop Test Pieces

Photos supplied by Donald Baker.

Dave Clark's Workshop Test Piece 1966

Photos supplied by Dave Clark.

Geoff Hughes' Workshop Test Pieces 1959/1960

Photos supplied by Geoff Hughes.

Note: Geoff was the first A/A to get all pieces back - this required a mark of 70% or higher.

Nigel Jury's Workshop Test Pieces - 1960/1961

Photos supplied by Nigel Jury.

Tom Lattimer's Workshop Test Piece - 1961

Photos supplied by Tom Lattimer.

Roger Newman's Workshop Test Pieces - 1960

Photos supplied by Roger Newman.

Gerry Sowden's Workshop Test Pieces - 1961/1962

Photos supplied by Gerry Sowden.

John Taylour's Workshop Test Pieces - 1957

Photos supplied by John Taylour.

John Stevens' Workshop Test Pieces - 1961

Photos supplied by John Stevens.

Tony Rettie's Workshop Test Pieces - 1982/1983

Photos supplied by Tony Rettie.

John Ellis' Workshop Test Piece - 1957

Photos supplied by John Ellis.

Dave Wain's Workshop Test Pieces - 1954/1955

Photos supplied by Dave Wain.

Tim Price's Workshop Test Piece - 1960

Photo supplied by Tim Price.

Steve Wood's Workshop Test Piece - 1964/65

Photo supplied by Steve Wood.

Bill Horsnell's Workshop Test Piece - 1960

Photo supplied by Bill Horsnell.

Alan Ashby's Workshop Test Pieces - 1981/1982

Photos supplied by Alan Ashby.

HMS Sultan Workshop Test Pieces Display - 2013

Marine Engineering Artificer training test jobs still on display in Sultan's Main Workshops. Photos supplied by Paul Mulroy.

Pat Maule's Workshop Test Pieces 1951/52

Photos supplied by Pat Maule.

Gordon Morris's Workshop Test Pieces 1967/68

Photos supplied by Gordon Morris.

Bob Sherriff's Workshop Test Pieces 1966

Photos supplied by Bob Sherriff.

Adrian Ridge's Workshop Test Pieces 1954-57

Photos supplied by Bob Sherriff.

Richard Carter's Workshop Test Pieces 1962

Photos supplied by Richard Carter.

Tiny Wray's Workshop Test Pieces 1978-81

Photos supplied by Tiny Wray.

John Adams's Workshop Test Pieces 1966-70

Photos supplied by John Adams.


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