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The Fisgard Association


1941 Grenville 

Listed below are class members known to have crossed the bar and links to any obituaries that have been provided. If you are able fill in missing details, correct any errors or wish to report a passing then please email us at .


Name Fisgard Division Trade Date Crossed the Bar Member (ever) Obituary
Alfred R. (Jock) Taylor N/A Ordnance Artificer 15th November 2019 Yes No
Roger J. Husson B.E.M. N/A Engine Room Artificer 26th October 2017 Yes No
Harry Jagger N/A Ordnance Artificer 12th August 2017 Yes No
James A Callaway N/A Engine Room Artificer 22nd March 2017 Yes Yes
David Watson N/A Engine Room Artificer 16th February 2017 Yes No
Edward H. (Eddie) Hunwicks N/A Engine Room Artificer 6th November 2016 Yes No
Alan (Benny) Ball N/A Ordnance Artificer May 2016 Yes No
Gordon Penney N/A Electrical Artificer 3rd May 2016 Yes No
Harold (Jeff) Jeffery N/A Ordnance Artificer 2nd July 2015 No No
Alan McIntyre N/A Ordnance Artificer Late October 2013 Yes No
Bruce Balmain N/A Ordnance Artificer 20th June 2013 Yes Yes
Joe Sills N/A Engine Room Artificer February 2012 Yes No
Geoffrey (Geoff) Anscombe N/A Ordnance Artificer April 2011 Yes No
John Hodgkinson N/A Engine Room Artificer 1st October 2010 Yes No
Ray Field N/A Engine Room Artificer 2nd March 2009 Yes No
Charles Alfred Pratt BEM N/A Electrical Artificer 2nd February 2009 No No
Peter Dennett N/A Engine Room Artificer 3rd November 2008 No No
Rich (RKT) Cooper N/A Electrical Artificer July 2008 Yes No
Aubrey Johnston N/A Engine Room Artificer December 2007 No No
Norman Hill N/A Not known 11th February 2007 No No
Peter Jaques N/A Ordnance Artificer 25th January 2007 No No
Harry Parr Berry N/A Ordnance Artificer 17th January 2006 No No
Tom Mitchell N/A Not known May 2005 No No
John Twissell N/A Not known October 2004 No No
Bert Cowen N/A Ordnance Artificer 23rd July 2004 No No
Maurice Tate N/A Engine Room Artificer 18th May 2004 No Yes
G J (Joe) Kemp N/A Engine Room Artificer February 2004 No No
D H (Dennis) West N/A Engine Room Artificer February 2004 No No
Fred Powell N/A Engine Room Artificer 2003 Yes No
James Forrest N/A Electrical Artificer February 1991 N/A No
Alexander Annan Barnet N/A Ordnance Artificer Not known Yes No
Alban Clement N/A Engine Room Artificer Not known Yes No
Peter Barrow N/A Not known Not known No No
Phil Kendall N/A Engine Room Artificer Not known Yes No