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The Fisgard Association


1944 Anson 

Listed below are class members known to have crossed the bar and links to any obituaries that have been provided. If you are able fill in missing details, correct any errors or wish to report a passing then please email us at .


Name Fisgard Division Trade Date Crossed the Bar Member (ever) Obituary
Harry Edwards N/A Electrical Artificer 19th July 2017 Yes No
Don Fraser N/A Engine Room Artificer 18th September 2016 Yes No
Mike Roberts N/A Not known 16th February 2016 Yes No
Don Murdoch N/A Electrical Artificer October 2014 Yes Yes
Dennis Taylor N/A Engine Room Artificer 31st January 2014 No Yes
Peter Hodges N/A Ordnance Artificer 19th December 2013 Yes Yes
Fred Pointer N/A Electrical Artificer 25th January 2013 Yes Yes
Rodney Tudor N/A Not known 17th December 2012 Yes No
John Beer N/A Not known 2012 Yes No
Geoff Cook N/A Not known 16th November 2010 Yes No
John Cross N/A Not known 1st September 2010 Yes No
Ian Tilbury N/A Not known 12th December 2009 Yes No
Les Pritchard N/A Ordnance Artificer 21st February 2008 Yes No
William (Ernie) Cann N/A Engine Room Artificer 16th January 2008 Yes Yes
Robert Weedon N/A Engine Room Artificer 2007 Yes Yes
Eric Lack N/A Not known April 2005 Yes No
Charlie Howard Body N/A Engine Room Artificer 30th January 2005 Yes Yes
Peter (Paddy) McClure N/A Not known 3rd May 2004 No No
Gerald (Flash) Barker N/A Engine Room Artificer 11th November 2003 Yes Yes
Roland Carpenter N/A Not known 2002 Yes No
Sid Wakeham N/A Electrical Artificer 2002 Yes No
George Butler N/A Electrical Artificer 10th June 1997 No No
Mike Hoskins N/A Ordnance Artificer Not known Yes No
Bill Powell N/A Not known Not known Yes No
W. F. (Gus) Simpson N/A Electrical Artificer Not known Yes No
Edward Teal N/A Not known Not known Yes No
Robert Teasdale N/A Not known Not known Yes No
E. J. (Ernie) Ware N/A Ordnance Artificer Not known Yes No
Barry Elliot N/A Not known Not known Yes NO