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The Fisgard Association


Series 16

Listed below are class members known to have crossed the bar and links to any obituaries that have been provided. If you are able fill in missing details, correct any errors or wish to report a passing then please email us at .


Name Fisgard Division Trade Date Crossed the Bar Member (ever) Obituary
John Powell Not known Aircraft Artificer 2nd June 2021 Yes No
Donald Triggol Not known Aircraft Artificer 18th September 2020 Yes No
Vernon G. Norman Frobisher Engine Room Artificer 29th April 2020 No No
Lesley J. Goodchild Not known Not known 7th December 2019 Yes No
James E. Casey Blake Radio Electrical Artificer (Air) 12th November 2019 No No
David L. R. Parfitt Frobisher Ordnance Artificer 23rd October 2019 Yes No
Michael Kingshott Not known Engine Room Artificer 19th April 2019 No No
Michael E. Mann Not known Not known 4th April 2019 Yes No
John (Bones) Hannaford Grenville Not known 23rd April 2018 No No
Bernard Page MBE Duncan Not known 8th January 2017 Yes No
B R 'Bev' Sanders Not known Not known 13th September 2016 Yes No
Michael Bowkett Not known Ordnance Artificer 17th March 2016 No No
Ed Hurst Not known Engine Room Artificer February 2016 Yes No
Jim Duncan Not known Not known 2014 Yes No
John 'Frenchie' Simmonds Not known Not known 13th March 2013 No No
Eric Pilcher Not known Air Artificer 5th August 2013 No No
Lionel Trevor Harris Not known Not known 15th June 2013 No No
Dick Doyle Not known Ordnance Artificer May 2013 No No
William Malcolm Leith Not known Engine Room Artificer 18th October 2012 Yes No
Arthur Harrison Not known Ordnance Artificer 12th May 2011 Yes No
Chris Hart Not known Not known October 2010 Yes No
Ricky Rolls Anson Engine Room Artificer May 2009 No No
Roger Smith Not known Not known March 2009 No No
Mike Heawood Duncan Engine Room Artificer 27th February 2007 Yes No
Jim Morgan Not known Not known January 2006 Yes No
Mick Ebdon Collingwood Shipwright Artificer 21st July 2005 No No
Bruce Roberts Not known Not known 3rd February 2005 No No
John Lister Duncan Engine Room Artificer 4th August 2004 No Yes
John Dyer Not known Not known 7th June 2003 Yes No
Colin Wyatt Not known Ordnance Electrical Artificer 29th January 1977 N/A No
Derek 'Woody' Carpenter Duncan Engine Room Artificer 24th September 1960 N/A No
Bernard Kelly Not known Ordnance Artificer 27th April 1960 N/A No
Alan Rambaud (RNZN) N/A Engine Room Artificer Not known No No
Lewis (Lew) Stanley Durrant Duncan Engine Room Artificer Not known No No
Roger Standen Not known Not known Not known No No