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The Fisgard Association


Series 28

Listed below are class members known to have crossed the bar and links to any obituaries that have been provided. If you are able fill in missing details, correct any errors or wish to report a passing then please email us at .


Name Fisgard Division Trade Date Crossed the Bar Member (ever) Obituary
David G. (Sid) Syborn Frobisher Engine Room Artificer February 2019 Yes No
Anthony (Alf) Sykes Blake Shipwright Artificer 20th September 2017 Yes No
Geoff Preston Duncan Not known 9th September 2017 No No
Richard (Lofty) Poole Duncan Not known 17th August 2016 No No
James McCosh Not known Not known March 2016 No No
John Machin Hawke Not known 14th January 2016 Yes No
Alan Voicey Anson Not known 7th September 2014 No No
Charles Lincoln Exmouth Engine Room Artificer 21st November 2013 No No
Brian Hunt Blake Not known November 2011 No No
Brian John Clay Collingwood Not known 2010 No No
Brian W Jones Blake Not known 2009 No No
Michael K Riseborough Duncan Not known 2008 No No
A J R (Roy) Perrott Collingwood Not known 21st May 2007 No No
Robert Thompson Grenville Not known 2007 No No
Roger A Green Exmouth Not known 2007 No No
Dave Kirby Blake Not known 2006? No No
Alexander J Nicol Collingwood Not known 2003 No No
Dave Harrison Collingwood Not known 2003 No No
Ellis Owens Hawke Not known May 2001 No No
Tom Summerfield Grenville Not known c2001 No No
David J Parsons Exmouth Not known November 2001 No No
Jim (Shady) Balmforth N/A (RNZN) Electrical Artificer 29th June 2000 No No
Peter G Read Frobisher Not known July 1996 N/A No
Brian Sainsbury Exmouth Not known 1995 N/A No
Alan Knuckey Collingwood Not known 1994 N/A No
Bryan Edwards Collingwood Not known 1992 N/A No
David R Harris Duncan Not known 1992 N/A No
John (Harry) Lewis Exmouth Not known 1992 N/A No
Graham Schlanker Frobisher Not known 1989 N/A No
Rodney (RIM) Wood Blake Not known January 1987 N/A No
Anthony A Key Duncan Not known 1987 N/A No
M J (Jack) Frost Frobisher Electrical Artificer 1982 N/A No
Vincent Willingham Grenville Not known 2001 N/A No
Reginald W Breslan Blake Not known 1981 N/A No
Malcolm D Evison Collingwood Not known Early 1980s N/A No
John Hewitt Hawke Not known Not known No No