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The Fisgard Association

The Fisgard Association Rules 

The Badge of The Fisgard Association1. Relationships

Many members of the Association, after leaving Fisgard, and doubtless due in no small way to the sound training they received at their ‘old school’, went on to achieve distinction in The Service and/or in civilian life, and some were decorated. However, since the Association is an ‘old school’ organisation, all members are considered to be as equal as they were on the day they joined Fisgard, therefore medals or decorations must not be worn by any member at any function organised by the Association. No ranks, (not even Senior Apprentice!) are used at Association gatherings or in correspondence to and from the Association. Members are known within the Association by their preferred first name, surname and their entry.

2. Duties of Officials

2a. The Chairman shall chair all committee meetings including the AGM and the Annual Reunion Dinner. He shall be the sole contact between the committee and the Media unless he specifically delegates this task to another member of the association. In conjunction with the President he will write the letters of condolence or commiseration on the death or incapacity of a member. In the absence of the chairman, a nominated member of the committee shall chair the meetings.

2b. The Treasurer shall be prepared at every regular meeting to produce the 'paying in' book and bank statements for inspection even if unable to attend in person.

2c. The Committee shall arrange the national social events in association with the relevant regional Social Secretary.

2d. The regional Social Secretaries shall arrange the social program of events within their own regional areas.

2e. The Membership Secretary shall keep a record of the details of members of the Association and update it as required. He shall provide a mailing list for the main distribution of newsletters to the members. He shall provide a 'Master Record' for the production of the Membership Directory. Distribute the Fisgardian and the Membership Directory.

2f. The Minutes Secretary shall record the minutes of meetings indicating decisions and actions required.

2g. The Secretary shall receive monies on account of the Association and pay the same to the Treasurer. Keep a register of all correspondence coming into and going out from the association and direct it for action as required. Distribute the agenda and minutes of all committee meetings. Receive material for The Fisgardian, authenticate and pass it on to the Editor or Sub Editor. In conjunction with the Membership Secretary send out and record all applications for membership. Provide available information to assist with Class reunions.

2h. The Webmaster will be responsible for all forms of Online Services which includes the improvement and maintenance of the Website. He will provide online facilities for members to converse with other members and with the association and moderate such facilities.

2i. The Editor shall be responsible for the collation, planning and presentation of the Association's newsletter, The Fisgardian.

3. Financial Matters

All expenditure other than for day to day expenses, of up to £50.00 may be authorized by the Chairman, whilst any expenditure exceeding £50.00, requires prior Committee approval. All personal expenses must be supported by relevant receipts.

4. Non-Payment of Subscriptions

If any member fails to pay their subscription (due 1st January) by 31st March in the same year, they will be deemed a Lapsed Member (LM) and forgo all membership privileges. Any Lapsed Member may re-join but will be expected to pay the current years subscription, unless already paid. New members, who join after 1st October in any year, will be considered to have paid up to the end of the next financial year.

5. Advertising

Any item offered for sale through the Association must be approved by the committee, be relevant and of benefit to the Association.

6. Address

The Postal address of the Association shall be:

The Fisgard Association, c/o The Royal Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire. PO1 3HS.