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The Fisgard Association

Documents - Brochures


Royal Navy Recruitment Brochure from 1900. Includes information on entry for artificers.

Royal Navy Recruitment 1900


HMS Fisgard

Recruitment Brochure from 1956 (Adobe Reader required). Supplied by Geoff Hughes.

recruit brochure 1956


Recruitment Pamphlet from 1964 (Adobe Reader required). Supplied by Roy Lusted.

recruit brochure 1964 


Recruitment Brochure from 1967. Supplied by Mike Devéria.

recruitment brochure 67


Promotional Brochure from 1974 (Adobe Reader required). Supplied by Chris Jenkins.

fisgard brochure 74


Recruitment Brochure from 1976 (Adobe Reader required). Supplied by Sandy Love.

recruit brochure 1976


Recruitment Brochure from 1978 (Adobe Reader required). Supplied by Tiny Wray.

Artificer Recruitment Brochure 1978


HMS Raleigh (Fisgard Squadron)

Recruitment Brochure from 1986 (Adobe Reader required). Supplied by David Mortimer.

recruit brochure 1986 

Although this brochure is from the 'Fisgard Squadron' era, many of the photos in it have been re-used from earlier editions and were clearly taken at HMS Fisgard.


Fisgard Squadron Brochure from 1991.

squadron brochure 1991


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