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The Fisgard Association

Documents - Magazines


HMS Indus

The Industrian Magazine - 1920s. (Adobe Reader required)

Easter 1921 (excerpt)

industrian easter 1921

HMS Fisgard (Hulks)

The Safety Valve Magazine - 1920s. (Adobe Reader required)

Christmas 1922

safety valve xmas 22

Summer 1924

safety valve summer 24

HMS Pembroke (Fisgard Block)

Stand Easy! Magazine - 1930s. Supplied by David Beard and Virginia Glover. (Adobe Reader required)

Easter 1934

Stand Easy Magazine Easter 1934


Artifice Magazine - 1930s. Supplied by David Beard, Virginia Glover & Bob Tuckey. (Adobe Reader required)

Christmas 1934

Artifice Xmas 1934

Christmas 1938

artifice xmas 38

HMS Fisgard

Artifex Magazine - 1940s. Supplied by Bob Tuckey. (Adobe Reader required)

Summer 1940

artifex summer 40

Summer 1941

artifex summer 41

Christmas 1941

artifex summer 41

Summer 1942

artifex summer 41

Christmas 1942

artifex summer 41


The first edition of Fisgard Magazine - Summer 1943. (Adobe Reader required)

fisgard magazine summer 43

Fisgard Magazine - 1950s. (Adobe Reader required)

Easter 1953

magazine easter 54

Easter 1954

magazine easter 54

Summer 1955

fisgard magazine summer 55


Fisgard Magazine - 1960s. Supplied by Peter Bownes. (Adobe Reader required)

Spring 1962

magazine spring 62

Summer 1962

magazine summer 1962

Autumn 1962

magazine autumn 62


Fisgard Magazine - 1970s. (Adobe Reader required)

Summer 1971

magazine summer 1971

Autumn 1971

magazine autumn 71

Spring 1972

magazine spring 72

Summer 1977

fisgard magazine summer 1977 cover

Fisgard Magazine - 1980s. Supplied by Norman Bland, Alan Ashby & Richard Gray. (Adobe Reader required)

Winter 1980

fisgard magazine winter 1980 cover







HMS Collingwood

Live Wire Magazine - 1950s. (Adobe Reader required)

Christmas 1954

live wire xmas 54

Summer 1955

live wire summer 55

Christmas 1955

live wire xmas 55

Spring 1956

live wire spring 56

Summer 1956

live wire summer 56

Christmas 1956

live wire xmas 56

Spring 1957

live wire spring 57


Apprentices Magazine - 1960s. (Adobe Reader required)

Summer 1966
Collingwood Apps Mag Summer1966

HMS Ariel (Worthy Down)

HMS Ariel Magazine - 1950s. (Adobe Reader required)

Christmas 1952

ariel magazine xmas 52




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